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Dymista Nasal Spray

Dymista Nasal Spray


Are you suffering from continuous sneezing, blocked or runny nose despite trying other products? If so, please book an appointment with our trained and competent pharmacist for a supply of dymista spray, under a patient group direction. If treatment is suitable for you, a supply can be made, otherwise a full refund will be given

Dymista contains both an antihistamine and a steroid and is quite a popular choice.

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What is Dymista?

Dymista is a dual-action nasal spray that relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever and is available to buy from Star pharmacy, under a patient group direction. All you have to do is fill out a medical questionnaire and if treatment is suitable for you, a supply will be made. However, if you are not eligible, then a supply will not be made and a full refund will be given.

It contains an antihistamine called azelastine hydrochloride and a steroid called fluticasone propionate. These work together to fight the symptoms of hay fever by stopping and soothing the inflammation caused by dust and pollen.

How to use dymista nasal spray?

One actuation in each nostril twice daily (morning and evening)

Preparing the spray

  • The bottle should be shaken gently before use for about 5 seconds by tilting it upwards and downwards. The protective cap should be removed after shaking
  • Prior to first use Dymista must be primed by pressing down and releasing the pump 6 times.
  • If Dymista has not been used for more than 7 days, it must be reprimed once by pressing down and releasing the pump.

Using the spray

  • After blowing the nose the suspension is to be sprayed once into each nostril keeping the head tilted downwards. After use, the spray tip should be wiped and the protective cap replaced.

What is Dymista used for?

While Dymista is mainly used to treat hay fever it can also be used to treat year-round allergies, most commonly animals and house dust. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis include:




a runny nose

itchy, red eyes

How does Dymista work?

Dymista nasal spray contains both a corticosteroid and an antihistamine meaning it offers a powerful dual-action defence against symptoms of allergies affecting the nose and eyes.

Azelastine is a type of medicine called an antihistamine that acts on the immediate phase reaction of allergies to reduce itching, sneezing and running of the nose as well as to alleviate eye symptoms. propionate is a type of medication called a corticosteroid it acts on the later phase inflammatory reaction to reduce inflammation.

How long does Dymista stay in your system?

If possible, you should start using Dymista a few days before you expect to come into contact with known allergens. You may feel Dymista spray start to work as soon as 30 minutes after first taking it, but it may be several days before you feel the full benefits. The effects of Dymista generally wear off over 12 to 48 hours after use.

Dymista alternatives

Dymista is an effective steroid nasal spray that is available on prescription and to buy from Star Pharmacy under a patient group direction, following a successful consultation.

These are some of the Dymista alternative treatments available here at Star Pharmacy:

Over-the-counter antihistamine tablets – Piriton, Loratadine and Cetirizine

Over-the-counter steroidal nasal sprays – Pirinase or Beclometasone

Eye drop solutions – Opticrom or Optilast

There are also some non-medicinal methods that can help you prevent and treat hay fever symptoms, such as:

  • Wearing wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen (or other irritants)
  • Keeping all windows and doors closed on days with a high pollen count
  • Minimising the time you spend outside on these days
  • Keeping your car windows closed when driving
  • Showering regularly to remove any trapped pollen from skin and hair
  • Changing into new clothes if you’ve been outside
  • Avoiding drying your clothes outside



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Dymista Nasal Spray

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