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Fucidin Cream

Fucidin Cream


Fucidin cream can be purchased online to treat a number of different types of skin infection (including skin infections caused by eczema or dermatitis) that have been previously diagnosed and treated by your doctor. It is an antibiotic cream containing fusidic acid 2% that specifically treats infected eczema over a seven to ten day course.

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18 years +

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Fucidin Cream (15g)

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What is Fucidin cream?

Fucidin cream is an effective prescription-only medicine that is used to treat infected eczema, dermatitis and other infected skin conditions.

Fucidin cream is a topical treatment, which means you apply it to the affected area. It helps provide relief from symptoms and prevents the condition from getting worse.

Fucidin contains the active ingredient fusidic acid, which is an antibiotic.

Fucidin cream is only available on prescription, which means you cannot buy fusidic acid cream over the counter in the UK. You will need a doctor (such as a member of our online doctor service team) or pharmacist to prescribe it for you after a medical consultation.

Fucidin cream can be taken by most adults — this includes pregnant and breastfeeding women.

You can buy Fucidin cream (for eczema that’s infected and other skin infections) online at The Independent Pharmacy by completing an online consultation for our medical team to review.

What does Fucidin cream do?

The active ingredient in Fucidin cream is fusidic acid, which is an antibiotic.

Fusidic acid works by stopping the bacteria that cause infections from growing and increasing in number. Fusidic acid prevents these bacteria from producing the proteins they require to replicate. This stops the infection from spreading, which causes the bacteria to die and allows the immune system to kill the remaining bacteria.

This means that Fucidin cream can be used to treat a number of bacterial infections, such as infected areas of dermatitis or eczema. Visit this advice page to find out more about the other Fucidin cream uses.

Fucidin cream alternatives

Some people may not want to use Fucidin cream (or be able to) for a number of reasons, such as being allergic to the medicine.

There are a few different Fucidin cream alternatives, depending on what you’re using this treatment for.

For example, Fucidin cream is suitable for treating simple infected eczema or dermatitis. But if there is also mild irritation or redness, your doctor may suggest using Fucidin H cream instead. Fucidin H cream also contains a steroid (hydrocortisone) to help ease any inflammation.

Fucibet cream is another Fucidin cream alternative, containing fusidic acid and betamethasone. Fucibet is an effective and fast-acting prescription-only medicine, used where the inflammation is moderate alongside the infection.

Non-prescription alternatives for eczema can include:

Moisturisers and emollients (come in lotion, cream or ointment form)

Bath and shower gels

Cotton gloves (to keep from scratching)

Antihistamine tablets (to ease itching)

These treatments are often used as preventatives to stop dry skin conditions getting to the point where they become dry and cracked, which can lead to infection — such as eye infections or other similar infected skin reactions.

Once the skin has become infected, it is important to see a healthcare professional for treatment.

If you’re unsure about whether a treatment is right for you, you can ask our medical team for impartial information and advice before you buy.

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Suitable for age:

18 years +

Maximums per order:

Fucidin Cream (15g)

Consultation required?


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Fucidin Cream

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