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Mercilon Tablets

Mercilon Tablets


Monophasic 21-day contraceptive pills, like Mercilon, contain a combination of the hormones oestrogens and progestogens. They help to make it harder for the sperm to penetrate the womb and to reduce the chance of a fertilised egg implanting in the womb. If taken correctly they are over 99% successful at preventing pregnancy.

If you have been prescribed Mercilon, repeat supplies can be purchased online from The Independent Pharmacy, following a simple medical questionnaire. One of our doctors will review your order on the same working day – if they deem that Mercilon is suitable for you, your order will be with you as soon as the next working day.

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What is Mercilon & what is it used for?

Mercilon is an oral contraceptive. When used correctly, it will provide 99% protection against pregnancy. Its two active ingredients, desogestrel 150 micrograms and ethinylestradiol 20 micrograms, prevent ovulation from occurring during the menstrual cycle. Mercilon may also help reduce acne, and protect against conditions such as fibroids, ovarian cysts and pelvic inflammatory disease. It will not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Mercilon is a monophasic combined pill, meaning each pill contains the same dose of desogestrel and ethinylestradiol. Mercilon contains a lower dose compared to most other versions of the Pill, so it may be appropriate for you if you are particularly susceptible to side effects.

There are 21 Mercilon pills in a pack. Once you have finished a pack, you will stop taking the pill for seven days. During this time you will have a normal bleed. Once seven days have passed, begin your next cycle of treatment. Mercilon should be taken regularly at roughly the same time every day. If you miss one pill anywhere in your pack, take it as soon as you remember even if it means taking two pills in a day. You should continue taking your pills as normal and you will not need additional contraception. If you miss more than one pill you will lose your contraceptive cover and extra contraception will be required for at least 7 days.

How does Mercilon work?

Pregnancy occurs when an egg released from the ovaries is fertilised by sperm. In a normal menstrual cycle, the ovaries release one egg each month – this is the process of ovulation. This process is controlled by the female sex hormones progesterone and oestrogen. Mercilon contains two synthetic hormones, desogestrel and ethinylestradiol, which imitate these two natural hormones. They control the levels of each hormone in such a way that prevents an egg from being released. The Pill also makes it more difficult for sperm to reach the uterus, by thickening the fluid that is in the cervix.

During a regular menstrual cycle, the endometrium (the wall of the uterus) builds up in preparation for a fertilised egg. Mercilon reduces the extent of this buildup, making it less likely that a fertilised egg will develop into an embryo. As a further result, periods become lighter.

Alternatives to Mercilon

There are several other brands of monophasic combined pills that contains the same active ingredients as Mercilon, however, unlike most others on the market, Mercilon contains a lower dose of oestrogen. Containing only 20 micrograms rather than 30 micrograms. This helps to minimise side effects in those people who are particularly sensitive to pills containing oestrogen.

Alternative combined pills containing both desogestrel and ethinylestradiol include:


Non-Medicinal Contraception Alternatives:

Female Condoms – Not only do they prevent pregnancy they also prevent STIs. There is currently only one brand available in the UK, called Femidom. Shown to be 95% effective.

Male Condoms – Prevent pregnancy and also prevent STIs. Shown to be 98% effective.


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Suitable for age:

18 years +

Maximum per order:


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Mercilon Tablets

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