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Vaniqa 11.5% Cream

Vaniqa 11.5% Cream


A cream to stop hair growth, Vaniqa contains the active ingredient eflornithine. Eflornithine works within the hair follicle and helps to block production of the hair shaft. This helps to reduce the rate of hair growth. In trials it has shown a significant improvement in the unwanted facial hair of 70% of women.

Vaniqa has also been shown to significantly reduce how bothered patients are about their facial hair and how long they spend removing, treating or concealing their facial hair.

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What is Vaniqa and what is it used for?

Vaniqa Cream is used for hair growth prevention. It is suitable for women who are suffering from unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin and neck.

If you use Vaniqa, you will need to have a medical examination from your doctor to rule out any underlying causes of their excessive hair growth.

Vaniqa is not a permanent hair removal cream. However, it is very effective and many users strongly recommend this treatment because they experience such positive Vaniqa results. You can read Vaniqa cream reviews from our patients here.

How does Vaniqa Cream work?

Enzymes are involved in hair production and are located inside the hair follicle.

Eflornithine — the active ingredient in Vaniqa — blocks these hair-producing enzymes and therefore slows down hair production.

This reduces the appearance of hairs, shrinks hairs, and eventually stops them from growing.

It’s worth remembering that — like all hair removal treatments — Vaniqa doesn’t get rid of hair completely or permanently stop hair from growing. However, when used regularly this effective topical treatment can slow down hair production so much that it is vastly reduced or, in some cases, doesn’t grow at all.

Does Vaniqa work on coarse hair?

Vaniqa should work on coarse hair if you have coarse hairs on your face. These can often be found on the upper lip or chin.

Vaniqa doesn’t get rid of hair or permanently stop hair from growing, but it should help make a difference to coarse hair. When used regularly, Vaniqa can slow down hair production to a point where it is vastly reduced or it doesn’t even grow at all.

How long does Vaniqa take to work?

It is important to persevere in the beginning and to keep applying Vaniqa Cream consistently and regularly. This will allow the treatment to work properly.

You should see positive and noticeable benefits in four to eight weeks of using the treatment. For some women, it will be quicker — some users notice a change within a week of use — and for some it may be longer.

It is recommended that you try using Vaniqa regularly for four months before switching to an alternative. If you do not see a benefit within this time, you should stop using the treatment and seek advice from your GP or pharmacist on how to proceed.

Vaniqa alternatives

There are a few non-prescription alternatives for facial hair removal.






Laser and electrolysis treatments

Remember that laser and electrolysis treatments should always be carried out by a trained and registered professional.

Your GP may also suggest:

Losing weight if you’re overweight (this can help to control hormone levels, which can affect unwanted hair growth)

Taking a contraceptive pill to help control hormone levels

If Vaniqa hair removal cream and the above Vaniqa alternatives do not work for you, your GP may refer you to a specialist for further advice and treatment.

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Suitable for age:

18 years +

Maximum per order:


Consultation required?


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Vaniqa 11.5% Cream

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